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When A Baby And A Puppy Have The Same Favorite Toy, Something Adorable Happens

We already know that dogs and babies make for the cutest best buddies, but this video takes that cuteness to a whole new level of smile-inducing delight.

Baby Leighton can’t stop giggling at her big puppy-sister Zayla while they play an adorable game of tug-of-war. Get ready to squeal – this is just about the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen.

Round One: Leighton is too tickled pink to hang on.

Round Two: Zayla claims another adorable victory.

Round Three: Leighton seems to be losing steam…

Round Four: Zayla thwarts Leighton’s behind-the-back technique to take home the glory.

Watch the clip below to see Zayla give her sis some serious puppy kisses between rounds.

(via Michael J Mandeville)

These two prove that it really doesn’t matter whether you win or lose – at least not when your opponent is as cute as either of these two. Check out more adorable videos of the dog and baby duo over on their dad’s YouTube page!