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16 Pets Whose Owners Might Baby Them A Little Too Much

Deciding to bring a baby into the world is a huge, life-changing decision that should never be taken lightly. Usually, it also involves, how do we say this…a real human. But, try telling that to the proud parents of these adorable fur babies.

Maybe these folks see their cuddly kittens and precious pups as practice for the real thing, or maybe they just like playing dress up. Whatever the reason, we aren’t here to judge! And we definitely won’t deny that these little (and big) bundles of joy could stand a pretty strong chance in any “cutest baby” contest.

1. This 90-lb baby must have been a ruff delivery.

2. He throws a fit when he doesn’t have one in his mouth…

3. Talk about a plush kitten bed!

4. She has her father’s eyes.

5. Shh, he’s finally down for his nap.

6. She’s the most stylish baby on the block.

7. Older siblings always have trouble adjusting to new babies.

8. Gotta keep them swaddled up tight!

9. This cuddle bug is ready for his high chair.

10. Don’t you just want to pinch her little cheeks?

11. Safety first for this tabby tyke.

12. He’s still such a messy eater.

13. It’s always a proud moment when they learn to hold the bottle all by themselves.

14. Someone is being fussy today.

15. The swings are her favorite part of the park.

16. Even when they move to solids, some things never change.

Now, excuse us while we check in on our own little ones, they’re just waking up from their nap times.