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What The TSA Caught This Woman Attempting To Smuggle Through Security Is Insane

Airport security is starting to border on intrusiveness with their ridiculous rules. However, the reason the TSA has to ban certain things is because they have been a problem for them in the past. On average, it is estimated that 8 million people fly everyday, so you’re bound to get a few crazies in there.

For instance, TSA agents at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport saw a disturbing shape show up last week in their X-ray machine—the shape of a human baby. Fear not, as the baby is still alive, although probably a little peeved at his mom for stuffing him in a carry-on bag like an extra sweater.

TSA agents at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport were shocked when they saw this image show up in an X-ray of a backpack.

The mother of the child was identified as 25-year-old nursing student Jennifer Pavolaurea. She put her son in the backpack in order to sneak him past security. It seems the boy did not have the proper papers to leave the Philippines for Papa New Guinea.

Pavolaurea was held for questioning in the airport, but was eventually allowed to leave with her child to her destination.

This is not the first time someone has tried to sneak a baby through the TSA. An Egyptian couple pulled a similar move back in 2012, placing their baby in a carry-on bag at Sharjah International Airport because she did not have the correct immigration papers.

While the Egyptian couple was charged for endangering their baby, Pavolaurea will not be charged. The baby was sound asleep as he made his way through the X-ray machine and was apparently unharmed. I hope he wakes up one day and realizes just how horrible his mother used to be.