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15 Animals Who Can Help You With Your New Year’s Resolution To Hit The Gym

There’s a reason so many people decide to hit the gym for their New Year’s resolution. After all those sweet and savory delights we feasted on over the holidays, it’s not surprising to notice we’ve packed on a few extra LBs as well.

We have high hopes, but most of us also give up on our resolutions after a few short weeks of sweating it out. It doesn’t take long for our couches look more inviting than the elliptical machine; sooner or later, we watch our gym membership go to waste.

But with the help of these furry friends, we bet you’ll be able to stick to your word and shed those sugar cookie rolls in no time. After all, who could let these cute faces down?

1. There are a lot of helpful how-to videos you can find for a simple routine.

2. Try some yoga to really get your muscles good and limber.

3. Breathe deep and find your inner balance.

4. Stretching is seriously important for a healthy exercise, so don’t skip it.

5. But be careful not to throw your back out before you even break a sweat.

6. Feel free to start slow and find what works best for you.

7. Don’t compare yourself to others and try to overstep your limits.

8. Find a comfortable pace and work up from there.

9. Have a gym buddy or two who keep you in line.

10. But don’t overcrowd each other on the machines.

11. Group exercise is a great way to stay concentrated.

12. Add some leg lifts to your cardio routine for a killer core.

13. Try some squats for toned legs and derrière.

14. Choose your weights wisely.

15. And of course, always try to have fun with it!

Now I just need to figure out which gym these adorable fuzzballs belong to and I’ll be there every single day.