Ancient Tattoos Found On Mummies Are Incredibly Preserved Pieces of Artwork Which Show The Permanence of Body Art

If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, you should probably be aware that they’re not lying to you when they tell you they are forever. Sure, there are options these days for removal, but that’s a painful and expensive treatment which most people would probably prefer to avoid.

Below, there are pictures of mummies which were discovered with tattoo’s on their body. The fact that the artwork is still on their bodies goes to show just how permanent the body art can be. Researchers around the world have been stunned by the discovery of these impeccably preserved pieces of human culture.

1. Ötzi’s Soot Drawn Cures

Ötzi's Soot Drawn Cures

This tattooed mummy is known as the Ice Man of Ötzi. Although he could have been covered in markings at one point, these few soot tattoos are the only ones left. They were probably used in healing rituals for joint pain and arthritis.