Abandoned Castles That Will Take Your Breath Away

Admit it: you’ve always secretly wanted to live in a huge, fancy castle. Well, you’re in luck because the one’s we’re about to show you are totally abandoned and also happen to be extremely beautiful.

Sure, the castle life may seem like the way to live but have you ever stopped to think how difficult it would be to maintain? Heck, when winter rolls around, we struggle to shovel the snow off of small driveways. What one earth would we do in a castle?!

Granted, we could probably hire people to take care of all that stuff if we could afford a castle in the first place!

But before we get carried away dreaming about how lovely it would be to have our very own castle, take a look at these stunning castles that currently are sitting completely abandoned.

Castello di Sammezzano – Tuscany, Italy

Built in 1605 and redesigned in the mid-to-late 1800s, this castle functioned as a hotel in the 1990s.

Today, the castle is completely abandoned

Except for visitors who travel from all over to see its beautiful interior.

That is absolutely stunning.

Pidhirtsi Castle – Pidhirtsi, Ukraine

Built in the mid-1600s, this castle moonlighted as a Tuberculosis sanitarium after World War II.
In 1956 a fire all but destroyed the interior and since then, the castle has been deemed unfit for occupation.

Bannerman Castle – Bannerman Island, New York

In 1900, Francis Bannerman bought Bannerman Island and built a castle to help draw attention to his military supplies business. Not only is the castle abandoned, but the island is, too.

Kellie’s Castle – Perak, Malaysia

After it’s owner died in 1926, the castle was never completed.

Château Miranda or Château de Noisy – Celles, Belgium

This castle was built in 1866, and after many years of use, the castle was left abandoned since 1991.

Kasteel van Mesen – Lede, Belgium

Built in 1628, this castle was used over the years as a gin distillery, tobacco factory, and boarding school.

In 1971, the castle was abandoned after the school folded. It has since been demolished.