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A Little Surprise In An Egg That Was Supposed To Be A Dud

A Mallard Duck by the name of Daisy would frequently lay her eggs on this family’s porch. It had happened so often that they were familiar with her. When it came time for the little ones to hatch, only seven of the nine came out. With the summer heat becoming unbearable, Daisy decided to abandon the remaining two eggs and take her little ducklings to the cool air by the lake.

The family assumed the remaining two were unfertilized and wouldn’t be making a peep any time soon. The next morning, though, they were shocked to see one begin to stir! They brought the little egg inside and soon witnessed something miraculous.

You can do it little guy! C’mon!

Aaand we have a head!

Look at me, I’m shedding my shell!

Get ready world, here I come!

Daisy may have been quick to give up hope on her remaining eggs, but this little guy pushed through and arrived onto the scene in his own time! Here’s to hoping he grows up to be one tough quacker!