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13 of the Worst Santa’s Christmas Has Ever Seen

For as long as we can remember, we’ve been told how important it is to be good if we want to see presents with our names on them underneath the Christmas tree. After all, if you’ve been bad, Santa is notorious for leaving you a lump of coal.

It looks like these 13 Santa’s forgot about all that they stood for during the holiday season. Naughty doesn’t even cover it; these Santa’s are downright bad!

In 2003, a Tasmanian man dressed up as Santa decided to hold up a bank. Talk about a Tasmanian Dev

In 1996, a report was filed by a British cab driver in which he claimed to have been chased by a gang of 22 evil Santa’s.

Apparently, Santa can be short on patience, too.

In Sunderland, England, a nine-year-old girl waited in line for close to an hour to meet Santa. When she finally reached him, he told her she shouldn’t have bothered. The poor thing burst into tears! Luckily she was given a gift certificate for 20 pounds.

This Santa was a pub frequenter. After being banned from a bar in Scotland, a man decided to dress up as Santa to get back into the pub. Sadly for him, his disguise didn’t fool anyone. As if that wasn’t enough, on his way out he decided to break someones nose.

In Sydney, Australia

A big Christmas celebration was disrupted in 1996 after a group of disgruntled Santa’s protested the event after one of their own was pushed into a river at the event a year prior.

Ever wondered how Santa would behave if he was drunk? Well, in 2004, 50 intoxicated Santa’s invaded a cinema and hassled employees and movie-goers alike.

A British Santa decided

That it was high time he start charging children for the toys he had in his bag. The local authorities didn’t think too much of this new approach to the holiday tradition of giving and so they handcuffed him in front of many children.

While in prison, Lord Jeffrey Archer–imprisoned for perjury and perverting the course of justice–dressed up as Santa and handed out presents to his fellow inmates.

A Santa in California

didn’t let a girl with autism sit on his lap unaccompanied. He claimed that he had “allergies.” Needless to say, he didn’t remain ‘Santa’ for too much longer.

One Santa in Seattle had to be arrested for his inability to understand why he could not take a ride on one of the cities duck boats for free.

Santa had one too many drinks before his shift. A Santa at a Canadian mall was arrested for public intoxication after parents noticed that St. Nick was having a hard time speaking properly.

The same goes for another drunk Santa who fell out of his sleigh in front of hundreds of adoring children and required medical assistance in order to get up.

Merry Christmas, kids!